How to use Overseas Shipping Service

The usage of service is explained in detail here.




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Step1 Let's shop at favorite shops.

When you purchase any goods on your favorite shopping sites, please ask the shop to ship your goods to the address below.

shopping cart

The address for delivery of goods is this address.
Address of Delivery
※When an address has a defect, the check of goods may take time.

Step2 Apply for our service.

Please take a procedure to request for our Overseas Shipping Service through login MY PAGE.

Apply for our service.

Input the information on the goods purchased in the application form of service.

Step3 Receiving Goods and Informing You an Estimation

We inform you by both MY PAGE and e-mail as soon as we receive your goods.
When all your goods are arrived, we pack them and tell you an estimation of overseas shipping charges.

Receiving Goods and Informing You an Estimation

PLEASE CHECK!! Your My Page and Your E-mail.


By "MY PAGE", you can check the arrival status of goods and can check an estimate.

Step4 Your Payment

After making sure of the estimation, please pay with your convenient way of payment.

Step5 Our Shipping Overseas

We ship all your goods together to your residence overseas.
Then the information is given you when our shipment is completed.

Our Shipping Overseas

Step6 Goods reach you.

Check goods after receiving goods.
For inquiries by phone on goods, please call the following numbers.

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